Brno Ruby User Group

The group was formed in the year 2010 as a platform to

  • communicate about Ruby
  • cooperate on projects
  • evangelize Ruby in the region
  • support newcomers to the language

Who we are

We are group of people located in Brno and nearby area interested in Ruby programming language and it's ecosystem.

What we do

We do use Ruby at work or as a hobby language, but what truly connects us is the passion for the language.

Why should I care

Because Ruby is fun and programming should be fun ... so let's have fun ... together.

What should I do

Whatever you want. Being a novice, contact us for support. Being an expert, contact us to offer your expertise. Being a non-Ruby company, contact us for training and information. Being a Ruby company, contact us to get some spot-light.

But, please, contact us and stay in touch not only with us, but especialy with Ruby.